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Dogs jumping up on people can be embarrassing (especially if mud and paws are involved), incessant barking can cause problems with neighbours, and not coming back when called is dangerous. However, some owners can feel reluctant to ask for help and may feel that somehow they are to blame. Rest assured, whatever your dog is doing, we’ve seen it before!

At Being Canine, we specialise in the assessment and treatment of dog behaviour problems. We work with all breeds of dogs, young, old, pedigree, cross breeds and rescues. We use non-aversive, positive reinforcement dog training methods to provide effective and practical behavioural advice, and to help get things back on the right track. The statement  “train with the brain not with pain” is one that particularly sums up Being Canine ethos.

At Being Canine our philosophy is all about you having fun with your dog. We appeal to owners who want to have a dog that is a pleasure to live with and who can join in the family activities.

Being Canine provides group training and one-to-one sessions in a comfortable and friendly environment at Muirburn in Annbank (Ayrshire). See our Services page for more details.

If you think that you’d like to join in, we encourage you to come along and watch a class. Alternatively, feel free to phone and have a chat about you and your dog.

Being Canine is an excellent training facility - Helen
“Being Canine is an excellent training facility
for  all  ages  and  types  of  dog. ”  -  Helen